Tsukaeru (Useful)! Idea House

This morning, we were able to watch the initial telecast of the TV show "Tsukaeru! Idea House".  The show, which airs over Asahi TV every Saturday at 9:55 AM, introduces items that are, guess what? Useful!

Cerg and I were amazed at the simple and yet convenient and very useful products that were presented in today’s episode.

For those who missed the program, we've listed here the initial 10 items that were showcased in the show.

1. Kiss cup

a silicon cup cover that prevents liquid from spilling.  The unique thing about it is that you can drink from the cup without taking it off the cup.  There's a slit in the silicon cover which opens up when pressed by the mouth.

2. Botorun

a portable tripod replacement

3. Drop Stop

an aluminum sheet that serves as a funnel when rolled and inserted into the bottle.  It keeps bottles from getting dirty by preventing liquid from dripping off the lid.

4. Mazeran

A very efficient egg beater.

5. Magnetic Towel holder

Just insert one end of the towel into the hole.

6. Chiritori Syaraku

No more need for a dust pan. Just attach the garbage bag.

7. MuiTaro

A fancy grape peeler.

8. Atto Muddler

Easily allows checking of alcohol concentration in drinks

9. Nap Vive plus

An earpiece that sounds off when tilted at a certain angle.  Prevents people from dozing off while driving or studying.

10. Colorful Tube Holder

A toothpaste holder that lets you cleanly squeeze the paste out of the tube.


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