Calling international toll-free numbers from Japan

I needed to call my bank in the Philippines. Fortunately, the bank has a toll-free number so I can call them without worrying much about the cost. I checked the toll-free number from the website of the bank and this is what is written:

[Intl. Access Code] + 800-8-631XXXX (I changed the last four digits to XXXX.)

The problem was I did not know what the international access code is. So I tried asking my Japanese friend Most websites returned by google are not that helpful because they only teach how to call ordinary numbers but not toll-free ones. After a few minutes of searching and test calls, I was able to contact the bank.

For those who would like to know, here is what I dialed from a Softbank mobile phone:


Take note that I did not include the country code.

The international access code from Japan is 010. If you have not applied for a direct-dial service, you have to prefix it with the access number of your phone company. Otherwise, the access number of the carrier is not needed. The access numbers for the different carriers are as follows:

001 - KDD
0041 - JT
0061 - IDC (softbank)
0033 - NTT



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