White Suit

I needed a white suit for a special church occasion (Sta. Cena).  Had there been more time before the said occasion, I would have ordered one from the Phillippines.  Not only is it cheaper in the Philippines, I also know of a Filipino tailor who makes really good suits and barongs.

Finding suits in Japan is very easy, unless of course you have special requirements such as an unusual color. I searched for stores online and found two stores that seemed to sell white suits .  One is in Ueno and the other is in Harajuku.

I tried going to Ueno first but the suit there was very glossy.  I then went to Zen Mall in Harajuku.  As I found out, it was the same store where two of our Locale deacons bought their suits.

In case you need suits of unusual style or color, try visiting Zen Mall.  I have to remind you, though. Unusual items require unusual prices so bring those extra yen.


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