NOW is a good time to buy a new computer

Thu Jul 19 2012 - Mel

Thinking of buying a new laptop or desktop PC? Now is probably the best time to do it.

Windows 8, the latest version of Microsoft Windows which is due to be released to the general public on October, is being offered by Microsoft at a discounted price.  If you buy a new PC pre-installed with authentic Windows 7 between Jun 2, 2012 until January next year, you can get Windows 8 for only $14.99 (1,200 yen in Japan) when it becomes available.

There's another good reason to buy a new computer now even if you're not a Microsoft fan.  Intel has released its newest generation of desktop and mobile CPUs.  Code-named Ivy Bridge, the 3rd Generation Intel Core Processor family reduces power use without sacrificing performance, and gives graphics a substantial upgrade. 

In our tests, we've found that the new CPU line really shines at graphics-intensive tasks like photo-editing and movie-rendering.  We were able to incorporate full HD-quality video clips from our camera directly into the editor, apply effects, and render smoothly in real-time.