Leap second on a Leap year
Sat Jun 30 2012 - Mel
Did you know that 1 minute is not always equivalent to 60 seconds? On rare occasions, the world's standard time ( ) is adjusted by adding or subtracting one second to a particular day, giving us a minute that has 61 or 59 seconds.  The last time a  was inserted was on December 31, 2008. The next one will be inserted just before Sunday, July 1 of this leap year.

NET25 bags biggest number of awards from Anak TV
Mon Dec 13 2010 - Mel
NET25 emerged as the winningest TV station with 22 trophies at the Anak TV Seal awarding ceremonies attended by network executives and media personalities last December 8, 2010.

Tsukaeru (Useful)! Idea House
Sat Apr 03 2010 - Mel
This morning, we were able to watch the initial telecast of the TV show " ".  The show, which airs over every Saturday at 9:55 AM, introduces items that are, guess what? Useful! Cerg and I were amazed at the simple and yet convenient and very useful products that were presented in today’s episode.