Is Pacquiao popular in Japan?

We were informed by one of our friends, Sis. Ester, that Manny Pacquiao has a billboard in Shinjuku, a very popular urban spot in downtown Tokyo.

Does it mean Pacquiao is famous here in Japan?

Well, not really.  Indeed, there are Japanese who have heard of Pacquiao but most of them are either boxing enthusiasts or in one way or another acquainted with Filipinos.  Ordinary Japanese on the other hand are not familiar with Pacquiao.

This is unfortunate for Pacquiao is quite well-known internationally.  Pacquiao’s fight with Clottey last March 13, 2010 clearly demonstrated this fact.

What may be the reason for Pacquiao's anonymity in Japan? Has it something to do with Japan's attitude toward its Asian neighbors?

What do you think?

* Photos courtesy of Sis. Ester



Japanese appreciates Western culture more than those of other Asian countries. I think that explains why Pacquiao is not popular here.

A great fighter, a law maker and a good father. Pacquiao is really a great man with gentle heart. I'm looking forward for his fight and win the pacquiao vs rios this year.

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