Keitai Chess

Keitai ChessKeitai ChessToday, I downloaded a Chess game software for my mobile phone. Unfortunately, there is one defect that I found. (FYI, Chess is not widely played in Japan, though they have this board game called Shogi which is very similar to Chess.)

As you may already know, there are two opposing sides in Chess - the white side and the black side. The white side is supposed to be the first to move. In the game I downloaded, before the game begins, you are given the option of whether to be the first to move or not. However, regardless of whether you selected to move first or not, you are always assigned the white side. Therefore, if you choose to be the one not to move first, the computer (mobile phone) moves first even though it is assigned the black side.

I wonder why the programmers did not implement this basic rule considering that they were able to implement more complex rules.

This defect aside, the software is good enough for playing while commuting by train so if you are interested please click here for more information.


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