Chorei Leading

Yesterday, it was again my turn to lead our Department Chorei.  In case you didn't know, chorei is the Japanese term for the morning assembly or ceremony that is popular among many Japanese companies.

Basically, chorei is like the flag ceremony in Philippine elementary schools.  There is, however, no flag (and flag-raising, of course), no singing of the national anthem, and no reciting of panatang makabayan.  These are replaced instead by the reciting of the company vision and mission, attendance checking, and countless bowing.

If you want to know more about chorei and how it is actually done, you may read about it in the article that I wrote for

Anyway, as the cheerleader, or rather chorei leader, I had to share a hitokoto or short comment for the day.  I had thought of three possible topics before the chorei.  I ended up speaking about the topic "spring cleaning".  Extremely interesting topic, isn't it? Hehe.


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