Using Japan house-moving services cheaply

So you've decided to transfer to another place in Japan? But you are worried because your friends are busy and there’s no one to help you carry those big furniture and appliances you got through Sayonara sales?

Stop worrying!  You can ask help from house-moving companies.  Yes, some of them are expensive but with the following tips you can still use them without burning your wallets.

1. Ask from various companies

Get free estimates from as many companies as you can. The more you ask the more choices you have. There are websites that let you send multiple requests for estimates to different companies.

2. Aim for a more accurate estimate

It is best to have a list of all your things (furniture, appliances) when asking for estimates over the phone. This will prevent unnecessary renting of a truck larger than what you actually need. Most companies can also send their staff to your home to actually see the number of things you have and give you a free estimate.

3. Reserve early

Once you've got several estimates, decide early which company to use so that you can reserve the dates you want. This also lets the company send you free boxes early enough for you to still have time to pack your things.

4. DIY packing

Companies can do the packing for you for an additional fee. If you do it yourself then you can save a few more bucks.

5. Move on a weekday

The rates for house-moving on weekends and holidays are usually higher than those for weekdays. Why not use your paid-leave so that you can avail of lower rates? I recommend doing it on a Friday so that you'll have time to rest or unpack things the next two days.

6. Avail of flexible-schedule discounts

Some companies give discounts if you let them assign the time (between 8AM to 5PM) to begin the house-moving. This lets them accept jobs on the same day from other clients who request specific time periods. Take note that it doesn't mean you won't know beforehand what time they will arrive on your scheduled day. You will still be informed of the specific time at least a day before your scheduled moving day.

7. Hire only one person

If you think you're strong enough and you're willing to also carry those heavy furniture and appliances then you should hire only one person to help you with the move. This means that only the truck driver and you will carry all the things to and from the truck. If you're not used to carrying heavy stuff, spare yourself the trouble and just hire another person aside from the driver.

Do you have other tips for minimizing house-moving costs here in Japan?




Thank you very much for the helpful tips.

- Jayzee

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