Cheap Imported Goods in Japan

Costco is one of the places in Japan where you can find relatively cheap imported items.  Thanks to our sponsors - Bro. Raffy and Sis. Elkie - we are able to regularly go to Costco just like last Sunday.

If you have no sponsors who can take you for a free ride to Costco, you can easily go there by train.  Cerg, together with Sis. Tess, Vicky, Cynthia, and Aska, once went to Costco by train.  

Costco is a membership warehouse club so you have to become a member first (or ask Bro. Raffy and Sis. Elkie to bring you along, hehe) before you can buy.  Annual membership fee is 4,200 yen which is approximately 42 dollars or 2,100 pesos.  

We used to go to Costco in Makuhari, Chiba but we go more often now to Costco in Shinmisato Saitama since its opening last year because it is nearer to the northern parts of Tokyo.  The Costco store in Shinmisato is part of Lala City Complex, so you can also visit other stores like Ikea, H&M, Uniqlo and Muji.

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