Baggage and Limousines

One of the things that people who are relocating to another place worry about is how to move their belongings. This is particularly problematic when you relocate to another country like Japan. Of course, if you have the money to spend, then it is not actually a problem. But if you're the average "sarariman", it is something to worry about.

In the case of moving to Japan, there are several inexpensive ways to move your belongings from the airport to the place where you will stay (you have a place to stay, right?). Here are some of them:

Carrying your luggage yourself

This is probably the cheapest way but this is only recommended if you have light luggage.

Have someone fetch you from the airport

Perhaps this is the most comfortable way. You are lucky if you have someone who can fetch you from the airport.

Use a takkyubin service

You can have your baggage delivered to your place by using a takkyubin delivery service. Several companies offer this service and you can find their reception counters inside the airport. Your baggage will reach your place usually the next day. You can also specify the day and time period (e.g. between 2pm to 4pm) you want it delivered. The price is reasonable enough considering the cost of living in Japan.

Ride the limousine

No, I am not talking about luxury vehicles. Instead of taking the train, you may want to consider riding a limousine bus - a commercial bus that runs between airport and major cities in Japan. Passengers are allowed one luggage in the bus compartment. By riding the limousine bus, you remove the cost of transferring your belongings from the airport to the city where you will stay (remember, many airports in Japan are actually outside the city areas). You will just have to worry about moving your baggage within the city (i.e. from the bus terminal to your home). This is easily solved by taking a taxi, which is still probably cheaper than using takkyubin.

Above all, I advise that you try to minimize the things that you bring to Japan. Do not bring things that you can otherwise buy in Japan.



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