Data that remain until the end shall be safe

That everything we see now shall sooner or later perish is a fact that theists and non-theists alike can both agree with.  The bible teaches that "things that can be seen are temporary". Scientists teach essentially the same.  The cosmological theory that is currently held by the majority of the scientific community is that of a universe expanding at an accelerated pace. Once the universe reach maximum entropy, all usable energy will be lost as stars burn out for all eternity.

Certainty of the 'death' of your disk

Of course, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to realize that everything has its end and that "everything" includes the hard disk which stores your precious data.

Your hard disk will fail over time or may get damaged by power surge, impact, overheat, and other external factors. Hardware failure aside, you can also lose your data by accidental deletion, overwrites or virus infection.

So if you value your digital life embodied by those family pictures, recorded videos, emails and other important files, and if you want to avoid the hell-like consequence of losing them, then it is a must to prepare before the end of your computing days come. For come it will, like a thief in the night.

What must I do to be safe?

You must recognize first that you have been reckless with your digital life and are guilty of a lot of things like the following:

  • not partitioning your hard disk into system partition and data partition
  • not using sub-folders to organize your files
  • not using descriptive names to files and folders
  • not creating backup copies of your files

Next you must come up with a backup plan. Start by identifying exactly which folders to save or backup.  To avoid mistakes, you should ask help from true backup specialists for they are the ones who can teach you the following:

  • that you should prioritize saving user-generated data
  • where your mails are stored
  • where bookmarks are stored
  • the difference between incremental and differential backups
  • etc.

Listen only to the words of authorities. Avoid self-proclaimed technical evangelists.

Not by faith alone

So you're now convinced, huh?  Don't ease up yet.  You must couple that conviction of yours with actions, for faith alone, without works is dead. Stop planning about backing-up your data and do some concrete actions.

You may start by looking for extra media like a DVD or an external hard disk to store your backup data.  You can also consider copying to off-site FTP servers or using on-line services like Mozy or Dropbox.  Whatever backup media you choose, the important thing is to start making backup copies of those precious folders.

This is too much work!

Indeed, doing this task alone is too cumbersome if not impossible. But then again, you have to realize that you're not really the one doing the saving work.  When you copy those documents, you are not actually re-typing them.  It is the copy program of the operating system which does the work for you.

Besides, you don't even have to manually run the copy programs.  There exist helper programs that can do the task automatically for you.  In fact, if you would only seek, you'll discover that there are those who have sacrificed their time to write these backup utility programs and offered them for free!

The right path

To ensure that your files get saved, they must be placed in the right folder.  Only files that are in the correct path shall be saved when the helper program does its saving work.

Can I do this later?

Hard disk failure can happen anytime so you should not tarry anymore.  Backup now if you haven't done so. "Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation."

Once saved, always saved?

Don't assume that once you have made a backup it will always remain safe. Remember, your backup can also get corrupted so you should regularly check it.  Also, new data comes in so you must regularly update your backups. Only data that remain until the end shall be restored.

Great commission

Backing-up your data may seem hard but if you just think of what's at stake, you'd realize that your efforts are too little compared to the infinite joy of having your data in the end.  The good news is that you can do it with virtually no effort at all if you just follow the advice given in this article.

Now spread the good news and make disciples of all nations!




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