Applications for 2011 Japanese Government (Monbusho) Scholarship

Did you know that for more than 54 years the Japanese Government through its Ministry of Education (Monbusho) has been sponsoring foreign students, including Filipinos, to study in Japan? 

Hundreds of Filipinos, including this author, have been sent to Japan for the past several years to study under the following six different scholarship programs.

  • Teacher Training Scholarship
  • Japanese Studies Scholarship
  • Undergraduate (Scholarship)
  • Research Scholarship (may lead to a Master's degree or a Ph.D.)
  • Professional Training School (Senshu-Gakko) Scholarship
  • College of Technology Scholarship

If you are interested, you have to act now because the deadline of applications for batch 2011 is on May 28, 2010 (Friday).  For more information, please visit or call the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines, or read their press release.

If you would like to know about the advantages of studying in Japan, please read this article that I wrote for



dear sir

i am an indian ceramic and bronze sculptor from kalabhavan vishva bharti shantiniketan.i am very much interested to work with u.i do my work with burning passion and zeal.but because of my financial background i have to restrict myself to ceramic and bronze.i want to work in many other media.i will be very glad if you invite me to your place.i will try to gain as much knowledge as i can from you.please see my work.i m sending you some of the images of my work.please invite me if you lik my work.please visit my website once.
Website :
Website :
Website :

Manjushri, you may try looking for jobs in online sites or you may inquire at the Japanese Embassy in India for job openings in Japan. Thanks for visiting this site.

Sir, may i ask when is the application for scholarship batch 2012?? thank you and God Bless..

Hi Isaac, the Japanese government hasn't yet announced the details regarding the application for batch 2012.

Hi My name is Aga Ariate from the Philippines. I am very interested to study in Bunka fashion School under a scholarship program. I have read in an article in Philippine Daily Inquirer that last 2007 a Filipina by the name Denise Aquino was granted such scholarship. I have been to Japan three years ago but only on a 90 tourist visa. I have been working and training as a Fashion design assistant and a pattern maker for years now...please help me out

Sir, im julie ann from philippines, i want to ask if im still qualified because im already 21 turning 22 this july. I really want to study in japan.


Aga and Julie, please inquire at the Japanese embassy in Manila for available grants and scholarships. Some scholarships are available even for those aged 22 and above. Thank you for visiting our site.

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