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Public Holidays in Japan and the Philippines for 2011

By Mel - Posted on 04 January 2011

Here's a parallel list of holidays in Japan and the Philippines for this year:

Date in 2011 Japan Philippines
Jan. 1 Sat New Year's Day New Year's Day
  10 Mon Coming-of-Age Day  
Feb. 11 Fri National Foundation Day  
  25 Fri   EDSA Revolution *
Mar. 21 Mon Vernal Equinox Day  
Apr. 9 Sat   Day of Valor
  21 Thu   Maundy Thursday
  22 Fri   Good Friday
  29 Fri Showa Day  
May 1 Sun   Labor Day
  3 Tue Constitution Memorial Day  
  4 Wed Greenery Day  
  5 Thu Children's Day  
Jun. 12 Sun   Independence Day
Jul. 18 Mon Marine Day  
Aug. 21 Sun   Aquino Day
  29 Mon   National Heroes' Day
Sep. 10 Fri   Eid'l Fitr (End of Ramadan) 
  19 Mon Respect-for-the-Aged Day  
  23 Fri Autumnal Equinox Day  
Oct. 10 Mon Health-Sports Day  
Nov. 1 Tue   All Saints' Day
  3 Thu Culture Day  
  16 Tue   Eid'l Adha 
  23 Wed Labor Thanksgiving Day  
  30 Wed   Bonifacio Day
Dec. 23 Fri Emperor's Birthday  
  25 Sun   Christmas Day
  29 Thu New Year's Holiday (*)  
  30 Fri New Year's Holiday (*) Rizal Day
  31 Sat New Year's Eve (*) New Year's Eve
Total 16 (*19) 16

* Schools only

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